Ramona Neighborhood Trash Walk

The Ramona Neighborhood Association held a Trash Walk on Saturday. It was a great success and a good opportunity for neighbors to come together to help clean a trouble spot in the neighborhood. As Ramona Neighborhood Association president, Jason started the trash walks in 2017 when residents were complaining about how dirty the area by the Fallas and 99 Cent stores was. Instead of waiting for the city to respond, he organized a group of residents to make a statement and show the stores that the residents care about the cleanliness of their neighborhood. After the trash walks started, the city started to respond and the stores had to answer for why they haven't been cleaning.

Jason knows that helping the community is more than just words or making directives. It is about getting dirty and fixing problems. It is about being proactive and doing it yourself when the city doesn't respond. The Trash Walks are one way that Jason is building A Hawthorne That Works For You.

Trash Walk 6/9/2018

Trash Walk 6/9/2018Trash Walk 6/9/2018

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