Protecting Immigrant Families

On May 22nd I was watching the Hawthorne City Council meeting from my home when, one by one, out of town Trump supporters started coming to the microphone during public communications to speak down about the Hawthorne immigrant community and demand the council agree to oppose SB-54 at the Supreme Court. Immigration is a federal responsibility. SB-54 was a bill passed by the California Legislature to sustain trust between local law enforcement and our communities by ensuring our limited dollars are spent fighting crime and not working for ICE to break up families.

After the third speaker, I realized that none of the city council members were going to speak up to defend our immigrant community. I decided to race to city hall to make sure somebody would stick up for our city in this attack.

With the way the Trump administration has created policies that separate children from their families and unleashed ICE on our neighborhoods, supporting bills like SB-54 is more important than ever.

Hawthorne deserves leaders who stand with everyone in our community and support our Dreamers. That's why I'm running for Hawthorne City Council, and why I hope I'll receive your support on November 6.

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