Jason Gromski Endorsed by Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters

I'm happy to be the only Hawthorne City Council candidate endorsed by the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters (LALCV). LALCV’s mission is to endorse and support candidates in Los Angeles County and its 88 cities for Mayor, City Council, and County Supervisor who exhibit a knowledge of, and commitment to, preserving and protecting the environment.

I believe environmental issues are integral with improving quality of life for Hawthorne residents. On the City Council, I will do the following.

  • Push for Hawthorne to baseline 50% renewable energy as part of the Clean Power Alliance. Climate Change is a major threat to our future, and I believe Hawthorne should lead on this issue. By base-lining 50% renewable energy, Hawthorne will be on the vanguard of conservation while saving 1-2% on current bills. This is a no brainer. We can do our part and save money.
  • Implement the Crenshaw Station Active Transportation Plan. In 2015 the city approved a plan to encourage better use of the Crenshaw Station on the Green Line. The plan will make the station easier to access, allow for alternative transportation options like bicycles and electric vehicles, and increase green space along the Dominguez Channel. I will work to implement the recommendations in this plan.
  • Increase green space in the city. The City of Hawthorne lacks adequate green space for recreation and to clean the air. I will use grant opportunities, developer impact fees, and other strategies to increase available green space in the city. Families need a place to play, and we all deserve cleaner air.

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