Great Debate at the Holly Park HOA Forum

I had a great time speaking and answering questions at the Holly Park HOA forum at the Atherton Baptist Church last night. Thank you to Holly Park and the League of Women voters.

Below are my opening remarks.

Thank you so much to the Holly Park Home Owners Association and the League of Women Voters.  And Thank you to all of YOU for being here tonight.

My name is Jason Gromski – I’ve been endorsed by the Hawthorne Police Officers Association, as well as the LA League of Conservation Voters – And tonight I’d like to earn your vote to become our next Hawthorne City Council Member.

Like so many of us, my civic engagement began back in 2007 when President Obama was running for office.  I was a graduate student, and inspired to get involved in any way I could.  I became the Vice President of my school’s Students for Barack Obama group.  Through that experience we built a coalition numbering in the hundreds, knocked on thousands of doors, walked precincts in California and Nevada. Made even more calls. And it taught me something really important:

Block by Block, Neighborhood by Neighborhood, Business by Business. WE can make our community stronger. 

And nine years ago, when I moved to Hawthorne I brought that inspiration with me.  I became the President of our Ramona Neighborhood Association.  Served on the Civil Service Commission.  Became the Chair of the Hawthorne Economic Development Council, because I wanted to give back.

And because I saw so much promise all around us.

But we’re not living up to our potential. 

I think we can do better.  I’ve been an aerospace engineer, and rocket scientist, for the last 15 years.  Every day, it’s my job to identify problems, figure out how to fix them, and lead a team in implementing solutions. That’s what I want to do as your representative on the Hawthorne City Council – bring real world problem solving to our city government.

I believe in a Hawthorne that’s creating good jobs… Where investment is coming back, and new store fronts are opening their doors… I believe in a Hawthorne where everyone feels safe, and our Police Department grows to 100 officers strong… But most importantly, I believe in a Hawthorne where our neighbors can raise a family and enjoy the quality of life we deserve.

Join me in creating a Hawthorne that works for you.

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