Hawthorne Civil Service Commission Service

Four years ago, in October 2014, I was appointed to the Hawthorne Civil Service Commission. After being appointed, I worked with the Human Resources staff to improve transparency in the hiring process and ensure the commission had all of the resources needed to make good decisions. There is more work to be done to ensure Hawthorne is hiring great employees, and I will continue the work once on the City Council.

Jason Gromski Endorsed by Hawthorne Municipal Employees Association

Jason Gromski is honored to receive the endorsement of the Hawthorne Municipal Employees Association (HMEA). With this endorsement, Jason has been endorsed by both the HMEA and the Hawthorne Police Officers Association (HPOA). Said Jason, "I'm honored to receive the endorsement of both the HMEA and the HPOA. The employee groups are dedicated to providing quality services to the citizens of Hawthorne, and I'm glad they believe I can provide leadership for the city. Our municipal employees are dedicated civil servants, but they have suffered from budget mismanagement and a lack of opportunity and growth. I want to create a vision for each department, and help them continually improve their service to the community. Thank you for the support."

Great Debate at the Holly Park HOA Forum

I had a great time speaking and answering questions at the Holly Park HOA forum at the Atherton Baptist Church last night. Thank you to Holly Park and the League of Women voters. Below are my opening remarks. Continue reading

Jason Gromski Endorsed by Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters

I'm happy to be the only Hawthorne City Council candidate endorsed by the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters (LALCV). LALCV’s mission is to endorse and support candidates in Los Angeles County and its 88 cities for Mayor, City Council, and County Supervisor who exhibit a knowledge of, and commitment to, preserving and protecting the environment. I believe environmental issues are integral with improving quality of life for Hawthorne residents. On the City Council, I will do the following. Push for Hawthorne to baseline 50% renewable energy as part of the Clean Power Alliance. Climate Change is a major threat to our future, and I believe Hawthorne should lead on this issue. By base-lining 50% renewable energy, Hawthorne will be on the vanguard of conservation while saving 1-2% on current bills. This is a no brainer. We can do our part and save money. Implement the Crenshaw Station Active Transportation Plan. In 2015 the city approved a plan to encourage better use of the Crenshaw Station on the Green Line. The plan will make the station easier to access, allow for alternative transportation options like bicycles and electric vehicles, and increase green space along the Dominguez Channel. I will work to implement the recommendations in this plan. Increase green space in the city. The City of Hawthorne lacks adequate green space for recreation and to clean the air. I will use grant opportunities, developer impact fees, and other strategies to increase available green space in the city. Families need a place to play, and we all deserve cleaner air.

Qualified for the Ballot

Thank you to everyone who signed my nomination forms and helped me qualify for the ballot. I submitted my papers on August 6th and qualified on August 8th. During the nomination period, I enjoyed talking with neighbors throughout the city and hearing about individual issues and ideas. We have a lot of work to do until November 6th, but I'm energized and excited to build A Hawthorne That Works For You.

Protecting Immigrant Families

On May 22nd I was watching the Hawthorne City Council meeting from my home when, one by one, out of town Trump supporters started coming to the microphone during public communications to speak down about the Hawthorne immigrant community and demand the council agree to oppose SB-54 at the Supreme Court. Immigration is a federal responsibility. SB-54 was a bill passed by the California Legislature to sustain trust between local law enforcement and our communities by ensuring our limited dollars are spent fighting crime and not working for ICE to break up families. After the third speaker, I realized that none of the city council members were going to speak up to defend our immigrant community. I decided to race to city hall to make sure somebody would stick up for our city in this attack. With the way the Trump administration has created policies that separate children from their families and unleashed ICE on our neighborhoods, supporting bills like SB-54 is more important than ever. Hawthorne deserves leaders who stand with everyone in our community and support our Dreamers. That's why I'm running for Hawthorne City Council, and why I hope I'll receive your support on November 6.

Ramona Neighborhood Trash Walk

The Ramona Neighborhood Association held a Trash Walk on Saturday. It was a great success and a good opportunity for neighbors to come together to help clean a trouble spot in the neighborhood. As Ramona Neighborhood Association president, Jason started the trash walks in 2017 when residents were complaining about how dirty the area by the Fallas and 99 Cent stores was. Instead of waiting for the city to respond, he organized a group of residents to make a statement and show the stores that the residents care about the cleanliness of their neighborhood. After the trash walks started, the city started to respond and the stores had to answer for why they haven't been cleaning. Jason knows that helping the community is more than just words or making directives. It is about getting dirty and fixing problems. It is about being proactive and doing it yourself when the city doesn't respond. The Trash Walks are one way that Jason is building A Hawthorne That Works For You. Continue reading

K-9 Dinner

Every year the Hawthorne President's Council hosts a dinner to help fund the K-9 program at the police department. I love attending these dinners to share a good meal with my neighbors and see what these skilled animals can do. Great time.

Hawthorne Hall of Fame 2018

Congratulations to all of the new inductees to the Hawthorne Historical Society's Hall of Fame. Last night's induction banquet was a great success. Seeing the videos and hearing from the inductees was another reminder of the great leaders, businesses and organizations that have their roots in Hawthorne. The night was well produced and made me proud of my city. Kudos to all of the people at the historical society who organized the event.   Continue reading

First Fundraiser a Success

I was excited to hold my first fundraiser with friends and family last Sunday. It was a great success and I was inspired by the support I received. I spoke about my vision for building A Hawthorne That Works For You by ensuring the city spends money wisely and is accountable, has enough police officers to keep us safe, and brings new businesses and restaurants into the city by encouraging investment. I hope you share my vision and will help me get my message out to other voters. Consider a donation or signing up to volunteer. Together we will build A Hawthorne That Works For You.