About Jason

Jason Gromski is an aerospace engineer, and has been the President of Hawthorne's Ramona Neighborhood Association. He is a proud resident of Hawthorne, California.

Jason is running for City Council to build a Hawthorne that works for you: a city where our blocks are safe, new businesses are opening their doors, and our communities receive the kind of services we deserve. These are promises he knows how to deliver -- As a 14 year veteran of Northrop Grumman building rocket propulsion and aircraft fluid systems, Jason has learned to identify a problem, figure out how to fix it, and then lead a team to actually get it done. 

Outside of his work in the aerospace industry, Jason has been dedicated to serving Hawthorne — and improving the life of its residents -- since moving to the city nearly 10 years ago. As a member of the Civil Service Commission he has focused on ensuring we have the right people working on behalf of our community. As the Chair of the Hawthorne Economic Development he has partnered with local businesses to bring new jobs to our city, and outlined plans to bolster economic growth. And as President of the Ramona Neighborhood Association, he has helped improve the everyday quality of life on behalf of local residents. 

These experiences have shaped Jason’s top priorities for the future of Hawthorne: creating good-paying jobs for our residents, enhancing our everyday quality of life, and improving public safety by building our police department to 100 officers strong. 

Like so many, Jason’s passion for this kind of public service was cultivated when then-Senator Obama launched his bid for the White House. Jason served as a community organizer in the South Bay, and helped lead the efforts of USC Students for Barack Obama.  On that campaign, he not only learned what was possible when we bring people together around a common vision, he learned how to organize a community and lead grassroots activists.  

The son of a union firefighter, and the byproduct of public education, Jason grew up in South Bend, Indiana.  He is a graduate of Purdue University with a Masters from the University of Southern California.  He is a table tennis enthusiast, and part-time amateur chef. 

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